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Barge Rental Fleet

Sectional and Monohulled barges available for rent

Measurement Barges Documents
Sectional – sectional equipment is truckable
34x50x4 - Home Built PDF
10x40x7 - Shugart 8 sections PDF
10x20x7 - Shugart 4 sections PDF
10x40x5 - Shugart 45 sections PDF
10x20x5 - Shugart 60 sections PDF
8x20x3 - Custom Built 12 sections PDF
Jet Floats Varity PDF
Mono Hull Barges - located in the Great Lakes
Spud Barge 40' x 90' x 8' Pitts Carillon PDF
Spud Barge 50' x 100' x 10' Derrick 50 PDF
Spud Barge 30' x 105' x 8 ' Scow #7 PDF
Accessories for sectional barges
Equipment Additional Comments
Spud pockets Sectional
Spuds Sectional
Ramps Various lengths and designs
Machine mats
Safety fence
Safety rails
Tie up bits Sectional
Winches Timberland Multiple sizes
Winches hydraulic Multiple sizes Multiple sizes
Power Pack (John Deere)
Power Pack (Wisconson)
Power Pack (Cart)
Tire Bumpers